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The only cybersecurity sales training of its kind

Real practitioners helping you deliver real results
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Our Story

I'm a CISO who has experienced a lot of amazing and a lot of awful sales and marketing conversations. The best interactions I've had are true partnerships and solving real problems. I want to help more teams, from startups to large organizations contribute to the wave of problems we face in cybersecurity every day.

Our Vision

Solve more problems and drive more impact without the unnecessary waste of shelfware or disconnected solutions. We want to do this by helping to create more meaningful conversations between sales and cyber teams that are based on trust, understanding, and empathy. 


You can consume and grow in a way that works for you. From a live course to ones that are self-paced, with customizable templates and subscription tools. You consume and use what is going to help you grow in your greatest areas of need.

Who are we

How we work



Designed and delivered by active cybersecurity leaders who are walking and talking real experience. Everything we do is geared towards the real problems we, as CISO's face day in and day out. Get courses, templates, detailed workshops, or 1:1 coaching.


Education and coaching that is geared towards keeping you on the bleeding edge of cybersecurity so you can engage as a trusted partner. We have a number of templates, guides, courses, subscription tools, and even 1:1 coaching available for you to level up your skills.

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How it works
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